General Kayihura successfully received stolen informations from his agents planted in ISO, for a while the Police General has desired to have control over sensitive information to give him a upper hand against other intelligence bodies. The general spent over 600m on recruiting insiders within ISO Information Technology team.

A special Cyber Unit was setup primarily under the office of the DGISO and in October, it was reverted to operate under the Directorate of Technical headed by Maj. Oluka Charles deputized by Jumba James. The Cyber Desk is currently headed by Kanzira Richard and Lt Bwende Ivan is the Desk Administrator.

On Friday 24th November 2017, the most reserved information had was contained kept on a hard disk in the Cyber Desk Server, this disk went missing without evidence of a break-in. This Disk contained information on; BOU/ Ministry of Finance Fraud Report, Crane Bank Files, Joan Kagezi Murder Report, ADF Network, Alshabab Network, polished Kaweesi Murder Report, and the UTL Fraud Report among other classified reports.
While the ISO is dilly-dallying, all evidence points at members of ISO as suspects to the stolen disk. Keys to the door to the cyber unit are in the hands of Lt. Bwende Ivan, Idusso Alfred, Kanzira Richard, Shama Pike and Odongo Peter.

Lt. Bwende Ivan and Idusso Alfred who are close confidants to each other, normally enter the offices in the deep of the night reasoning that internet traffic is low therefore internet is faster.
Who is Idusso Alfred and why he knows the whereabouts of the Disk?
In his mid-thirties with one child in custody of his mother, he is a drug addict, drunk, sex maniac with excessive greed for money. His hacking skills record back in 2014 with so many attempts on banks, mobile money and hacking government institutions to steal and sell information or disable networks and be hired to repair them.
In 2015, he was part of the team which faked Mr. Tamale Mirundi’s voice abusing the president and members of the first family to see him fired from State House. After an operation by CMI in Feb 2017, he was arrested together with others relating to the BOU fraud and money laundering totalling to over US$40million and when they confessed and agreed to help government to provide evidence to pin senior government officials in the BOU fraud, Col Frank Kaka Bagyenda the DGISO opened for them a Cyber Unit office at Mawanda Road.

Little did the DGISO suspect that a thief today is a thief forever. Idusso Alfred hacked into the NIIRA servers and stole all the data from the NIIRA servers and he currently uses it to make money if any one needs to profile anybody. He has dealt with several hacking gangs to hack several institutions using the name Jones Benjamin Thomas Wood. Idusso has no friend, boss or respect to anyone. He dates Ms. Twijukye the sister to the late Enid Twijukye allegedly killed by the DGISO’s son currently in prisons and Idusso goes ahead to tell his girlfriend how his boss the father of a murderer is equally a cold-blood killer in front of his peers.

Since the government has spent billions in the investigation of these cases, the consumer of the stolen disk staked billions to have the core evidence destroyed in his face and he has further staked millions to get rid of any back-ups from individual laptops and any storage devices owned by members of the cyber unit who did not take part in this fat deals. One Odongo Simon has already been taken to the Kyengera based safe-house manned by the ill-minded Lt. Juuko please be reminded that Lt Juuko is a Kayihura mole in ISO.
Credible sources reveal that higher ranks in ISO are participating in the conspiracy and they are doing all they can to present a suspect (Names with-held) who has never been part of the cyber unit and currently a real-estate businessman. Evidence clearing clique is led by Lt. Bwende Ivan who is the main suspect and he is the one coaching other Cyber unit staff on how to frame a former employee of ISO that he left the institution with the cyber unit door keys which he used to access the cyber office.
This laughable investigation committee is closely darling with Alfred Idusso and Lt. Bwende Ivan as they wait for their fat retirement package from the sale the hard disk as they look forward to pinning innocent individuals.
I already informed you of the killers of Kaweesi, Kagezi among others…. Who else needs the destruction of such information?
Next time, I am profiling for you Lt. Bwende Ivan, Jumba James and Oluka Charles relating to the Tourist Visa Fees Fraud at Entebbe International Airport. I will also tell you why an American hacker based in Nairobi succeeded in hacking major government institutions and why Jumba James, the Deputy Director Technical and Idusso Alfred were deeply involved and how it relates to the stolen hard disk?

In the meantime this goes out to CMI guard your information, Kayihura is not stupid, he now knows that the only way he can protect himself is to destroy all information against his men on systems. If CMI and ISO have no reports then they become useless to Museveni, that way Museveni will rely on Kayihura only for intelligence.

Seruga Titus (Facebook page)