NATIONAL 92 Girls Sexually Abused In Ten Months In Rwamagana District

NATIONAL 92 Girls Sexually Abused In Ten Months In Rwamagana District
ByStaff WriterPublished on November 11, 2018
A disturbing report indicates that almost 100 girls were sexually abused in Rwamagana District in the past ten months.

The report says at least 92 cases of sexual abuse were reported and about 72 suspects were arrested and handed over to prosecution while 20 are still at large and being pursued.

It was announced at Groupe Scolaire St Aloys, on Thursday during a workshop aimed at raising girls’ confidence in self-reliance.

There were girls from nearly all secondary schools in Rwamagana District organised by Women Political Leaders Global Forum to support women and girls to participate in decision-making positions.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) Director in Rwamagana District, Jean Paul Nsabimana, said in the past ten months they received 92 cases of sexually abused children.

Those charged with the crimes were 72 and they were handed to the Prosecution while another 20 are still at large.

He urged girls to report culprits who lure them into having sex by offering them useless materials.

Eastern Province Governor Fred Mufulukye said that among the causes of child abuse, family conflicts or lack of parental guidance and care.

He urged girls to be confident and embrace Rwandan values.

“Those who deceive you and engage you in sexual activities or drug abuse have no compassion for you except for killing your bright future,” he said.

He urged them to focus on their goals and education.