My fellow Americans, one of ours, an American citizen Anne Uwamahoro Rwigara is extremely in need of our help and advocacy.

My name is Chris Kamo  a U.S. Citizen and I need your help. As a US citizen, I am proud to be an American and will vigorously defend what our country stands for, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. My fellow Americans, one of ours, an American citizen Anne Uwamahoro Rwigara is extremely in need of our help and advocacy.

Ms. Anne Rwigara is 34 years old and was born in Rwanda but she is now a US citizen. Ms. Anne Rwigara went back to Rwanda and took over her family’s business after her father Assinapol Rwigara’s mysterious death in 2015 in Rwanda. Ms. Anne Rwigara is currently being detained illegally in Rwanda’s cruel jail on fabricated charges. Ms Anne Rwigara’s only sin  is to be the younger sister of Diane Shima Rwigara who is also incarcerated alongside her mother Adeline Rwigara. This family is being persecuted because the brave young lady Diane Rwigara dared to run against the current President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame during the 2017 Rwanda election.

My fellow American, Anne Rwigara extremely needs our help as she faces ongoing tortures, intimidation, humiliation and may be facing death at the hands of Rwanda’s notorious secret services  DMI’s agents. On October 13, 2017, Ms. Rwigara’ s mother reported in Rwanda’s court that before incarceration, she and her children were imprisoned in their own home for more than 15 days. They were handcuffed and were denied basic needs such as foods and water. During that time, they were denied to take a shower or use the bathroom unless accompanied by a male guard.

Since her incarceration on August 29th, 2017 Ms. Anne, her sister Diane and their mother Adeline have been kept in the most inhuman condition in one of the most notorious Rwanda jails in Kigali.

Today, Ms. Anne Rwigara, our fellow American needs our help and voice. I am asking you to come together like we always do once one of us’s life is in danger. I am asking you to pick up your phone and call your representatives and advocate for Ms. Anne Rwigara and her family. Please call these senators/representatives below and urge them to use their power to request Anne Uwamahoro Rwigara’s immediate and unconditional release. The conditions in which she is being detained are horrible and inhuman. Ms. Anne Rwigara has been prevented from using her bible, talking to her relatives, and is being confined in a small dark room and she is not allowed to go outside. Basically, Ms. Rwigara, her sister Diane and their mother are physically, morally and psychologically being tortured while the world is watching.

My fellow Americans, please let stand up for Anne Rwigara, let us call our representatives and bring awareness about Rwanda’s ongoing human rights abuse.

  1. State Department Burundi/Rwanda Desk Officer. Phone number: 202-647-4965
  2. Representative Jimmy Gomez. Phone number: (202) 225-6235 or Send an email
  3. Senator Diane Feinstein. Phone number: (415) 393-0707 or Send an email 
  4. Senator Kamala Harris. Phone number: (213) 894-5000 or Send an email

Thank you in advance for your help and understanding. Please let us stand up together and help our fellow American Anne Uwamahoro Rwigara.