Museveni ought to WAKE UP or else hand power to a patriotic Ugandans to sort out his mess.

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By Rpf Gakwerere

Sijuwi ADF, Sijuwi urban terrorism, sijuwi CCTV, Sijuwi ivi or that …etc. Old geezer’s feeble words while trying to explain about insecurity in Uganda. Why waste time confusing people that your constitutionally bound to protect..For God’s sake just act.

The old geezer is one of the people that frustrates Uganda’s security services from doing their job. From early 2000 the Country’s security situation has increasingly deteriorated and the old geezer is always briefed by his patriotic security agents, but he is always slow to react that is if he reacts. His advise to these hard working boys, it’s “be cautious.”

Over the years, this old geezer has buried his best cadres who have been eliminated by a neighbouring terrorist regime, at the burial of Brig Gen Noble Mayombo at his ancestral home in Kijura, Kabarole District, May 2007. This old geezer noted “state sponsored terrorists in the region are eliminating my best cadres.” As usual, the old geezer merely lamented like a key board warrior rather than a strong president.

The old geezer has all sorts of briefings from his well trained intelligence personnel including the speech of Gen James Kabarebe in a meeting to businessmen connected to DMI. In this closed meeting which took place last year, in Nyarutarama – Kigali Rwanda.

The head of Uganda desk and minister of defence – Gen James Kabarebe told these DMI connected businessmen/women that, ” We shall slowly make Uganda ungovernable, they will beg us for mercy and if not, they will find themselves in exile that it’s if they survive angry mobs. The country is a fertile ground for any uprising.” This meeting specifically focused on Uganda and on how to build new intelligence networks as old ones where being dismantled by CMI.

The old geezer has the information, unfortunately, as a president, he is incapable of securing the Country or doesn’t give a damn to who is being assassinated or kidnapped as long as it’s not him or his close relatives. The bad news, it’s that DMI is encroaching on him, his close relatives and aids.

Today it has been MP Col Ibrahim Abiriga, tomorrow it will be one of the old geezer’s relative or a popular opposition figure….Criminal Paul Kagame, his house boy General – James Kabarebe, J3 and DMI; are slowly but surely following their master plan of regime change.

The old geezer ought to WAKE UP or else hand power to patriotic Ugandans to sort out his mess.

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