Milton Allimadi’s response to the several hours long speech by the corrupt U.S.-backed dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni in Uganda.


The narcissistic despot blamed everyone and everything — media, foreigners, opposition, Diaspora, youth, lack of video cameras to monitor crimes– except himself for any of the failures in Uganda without mentioning the one-man rule by himself over the past 32 years.

It was a good presentation in that the whole world got to see his megalomania on display –in his own words.

He called the brutalization and #torture of #BobiWine #FrancisZaake and the other MPS and ordinary people in the #Arua33 terror campaign he unleashed with the Special Forces Command as a “fight between Bobi Wine and the police.”

He blamed the 85% unemployed youth of Uganda for being “indisciplined” and being paid money to burn tires and to beat women.

He blamed the political murders of #Kirumira #Abiriga #Kaweesi and others on lack of video cameras.

He even blamed the World Bank –the hand that feeds the dictator– for focusing too much on women’s rights, and homosexuals’ rights, and education.

Everyone and everything was to blame except the person who rules the country like his personal property –dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni.

Ugandans however are now ignoring the dictator’s lies. Yesterday when he went to the scene of the #Kirumira murder hecklers told him they are “tired” and The Daily Monitor reported that Museveni’s troops ordered media to turn off cameras.

Diaspora lend support to Ugandans at home by pressing #US and #UK his major sponsors to cut off pipeline of money and weapons.