Lt Col Peter Musherure arrested on organised crimes, murder and Espionage.

By Seruga Titus

Peter was arrested the same day with General Kayihura, he is a DMI agent who was in charge of the car part thieves, laptop and phone thieves in Kampala with the aid of Police Officers.

He was banking over 20m per day. He used to be in PPU as a bodyguard of Museveni. He was chased from PPU when intelligence found out he had been recruited by Mugisha Muntu and was an informer for Rwanda’s DMI and Kayihura.

After his firing from PPU he went to URA with General Kayihura in the anti smuggling unit, he was attached to Police as ADC of General Kayihura. He was arrested together with LT Kagina Who is another Kayihura Buddy also formerly SFC, the Army was monitoring them closely as they went around their activities with the General the include murders.

Peter is the person behind thugs that stole from Wildlife stores with Kitagenda and Nickson. His capture will gravely reduce organised crime in Kampala.


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