In one of the photo below, it’s of Colonel Faustin Kalisa, don’t be mistaken by his humble looking face. He is one of the extremely brutal character that has ever served in DMI. Blood of innocent citizens it’s his milk. Killing it’s a pleasure, a hobby and a love exploration.

Col Faustin Kalisa is the most despicable and heartless officer within the RDF. His one of criminal Paul Kagame’s death angel. If criminal Paul Kagame tells him to kill you, he doesn’t question or hesitate; he acts on the order(s).

Countless innocent people have died by his executions under the orders of criminal Paul Kagame. During Gen Jack Nziza’s era as security enforcer supreme, Col Faustin Kalisa was one of his trusted field assassin.

His one of the few blood thirst vampires who have tarnished the image of the RDF and turned it into a terrorist- terror organisation than an organisation which is meant to protects innocent people.

In criminal Paul Kagame’s blood sucking path of innocent people, in 2011, he relocated the then Lt Col Faustin Kalisa from Army – DMI into police force as an ACP. This was a calculated move for a dark operation to kill innocent citizens.

Once in police, he headed police’s counter intelligence. The main purpose of being move into police force was to head the operations of throwing grenades around Kigali, then carry out a fake investigation which would pin the horrendous and barbaric act to newly born RNC organisation and FDLR.

By 2012, despite not mentioning at once RNC in public, privately, the organisation was a headache to criminal Paul Kagame. Being a clean and new organisation, criminal Paul Kagame had to find ways to tarnish the organisation, especially the leadership.

There is always one thing that comes in first into criminal Paul Kagame’s mind, “killing.” The first idea that came into his mind, was to kill innocent people and blame the killings to the newly born organisation – RNC as the ones behind the attacks.

As usual, criminal Paul Kagame opted for his well known modus operandi. The act of killing innocent people on massive scale and shifting the killings to others. Through his brutal intelligence career he has mastered the art of chaos accompanied by massive Public Relations which is based on lies and fabrications.

In January 2012, criminal Paul Kagame executed his dark plan, a team led by Faustin Kalisa under the protection of police corridor started throwing grenades in public places around Kigali, targeting innocent people. Innocent people died and others got lifetime injuries.

After throwing grenades on unarmed innocent citizens, the SATANIC SYSTEM followed the heinous acts with prolonged regime condemnations, then a quick fabricated investigation and concluded with a massive Public Relations campaign damming RNC as a terrorist organisation which perpetrated the terror on its people.

In this regime planned and orchestrated terrorism; criminal Paul Kagame who has never even once visited military casualties of his own wars; went to visit victims of his own terrorism. In a well choreographed and staged play on innocent people, criminal Paul Kagame concluded his terror master plan by releasing international arrest warrant against leaders of RNC, which had been in existence for merely year. And to spice their fabrications, they added FDLR in the heinous acts that DMI under directives of criminal Paul Kagame committed against innocent citizens.

Obviously, Rwandans, in quietness knew the real mastermind of terror against them. Criminal Paul Kagame thought his modus operandi of 1990s, would work in this decade.

After completing the dark mission of killing people that they are supposed to protect, under the directive from the junta and published in regime Gazette, ACP Faustin Kalisa was re-located back to the army under J2.

Currently, the semi-illiterate assassin heads RDF’s Engineering Brigade.

Without doubt, truth can’t be burried indefinitely, with time, all crimes committed under this SATANIC SYSTEM will one day comeout in the open.

One needs to follow the truth and reconciliation hearings taking place in Gambia, and how former officials are talking in open under oath about unprecedented levels of human rights atrocities, corruption and embezzlement that took place under Yahya Jameh’s dictatorship.

By Rpf Gakwerere