Karenzi Karake is at a safe house in Nyarutarama undergoing intensive interrogation and with enhanced psychological torture.

By Gakwerere

Criminal Paul Kagame, let me thank you again for the great work you did on the 25th/07/18 in incarcerating one of your ruthless attack dog and a prominent house boy general – Karenzi Karake. This is a well educated man who was overwhelmed with greedy and selfishness than his brain, in order to serve you – the Hitler of Africa.

Karenzi Karake, on your behalf, participated in the killing of his relatives, friends, old school/university mates, and Rwandans in general. He betrayed everyone and he has nowhere to run. In diaspora, it’s a no go area for him because of several international arrest warrants issued against him for his war crimes, the crimes he committed on your behalf.

Criminal Paul Kagame, oppressed and enslaved Rwandans still remember in mid 2000s, how you used this educated man to disorganise the marriage of another house boy general, then Brig General Patrick Nyavumba now a General and CDS/F. After completing your sent mission, your tabloids flashed stories on how Gen Karake has been sleeping with Gen Patrick Nyavumba’s wife. You humiliated Gen Patrick Nyavumba in front of the country, unfortunately, Patrick Nyavumba blamed everything on Karenzi Karake than you, the architecture of the evil plan. This will be a topic of another day.

Now, the Nyavumbas through his young brother and head of DMI, Col Andrew Nyavumba is heading the interrogation against a man who disrespected his elder brother, what an irony. Criminal Paul Kagame, I always enjoy how you play the card of divide and rule among your devoted dogs.

Criminal Paul Kagame, we didn’t post about the arrest of your dog not because we didn’t know, but we wanted to give you an opportunity to send him where he has been sending innocent citizens. Now, social media is all about Karenzi Karake et al.

Criminal Paul Kagame, remember, your attack dog knows a lot of your secrets don’t forgive him, please keep your value of eliminating those dogs of yours that know too much of your secrets, by the way, you have nurtured other serial killers to take their place. We don’t give a damn when a master is punishing his own dog.

Rwandans remember the words of your ruthless dog – Karenzi Karake, “those reactionaries have to be crashed by all means. Those are enemies of Rwanda.” To this senior dog, questioning your criminal rule was equated as being anti Rwanda. In short, you are Rwanda.

Criminal Paul Kagame, you once told your house boy generals that “I am the one who has made all of you who you are, and I can always reverse the trend.” Shockingly, these house boy generals – attack dogs, just replied “ndiyo afande.” How would we feel sorry for such people who took you as their “god?” How can we feel pity for people who worship Satan in human incarnation?

Criminal Paul Kagame, I love your style of sending my fellow corporals to arrest Generals – senior officers. Thank you sir for that! And the boys did a good job of carrying the fat – short general without his legs touching on the ground. Thank you for the humiliation you always pour to your dogs who have served you unquestionably.

We totally admire at how this fake general was squeezed in a backseat of a Land cruiser between two corporals armed with Uzi guns. I hope the boys have briefed you how the fat faced “general” was sweating with red dripping eyes. We always tell them to distance themselves against you, but they don’t listen, instead they participate in killing progressive voices than joining us against your criminal and vampire rule.

Criminal Paul Kagame, we totally appreciate the way you repay them. Imagine kidnapping a full general at the time when his university going children are back in Rwanda for their summer holidays! God, unbelievable.

NB: House general – Karenzi Karake is at a safe house in Nyarutarama undergoing intensive interrogation and with enhanced psychological torture.