Kagame’s Stooge James Musoni Is Gone — His Life Is In Great Danger

As of today, James Musoni was dumped by President Paul Kagame. This issue began with stories about Musoni’s extramarital affairs. We do not know what President Kagame will do to James Musoni after the latter was fired as Minister of Infrastructure. But we do know this — Musoni has been untouchable in Rwanda for a very long time. After dictator General Kagame himself, James Musoni was the most feared, and rightly so.

Musoni has been Kagame’s stooge and thieving assistant since 2000. Musoni was the only person to survive and retain high-level and cabinet positions for nearly two decades in the Kagame regime. MusoniI was the de facto head of the US$500 million Crystal Ventures – the ruling party’s business empire built on cronyism.

So what have we here?

As the saying goes, there is no honour among thieves – which obviously means that thieves will not be honorable. To expect good traits from thieves is rather foolish. If they steal from others and destroy other people’s lives they will do the same to each other. Kagame’s dumping of James Musoni amounts to the same thing – there is no honor lost. It is use and dump. FULL STORY