Kagame’s New Times Says Ugandan Military Officers Don’t Have Enough To Eat. Unlike Rwandan Soldiers Who Have Plenty.

According to General Paul Kagame’s loudspeaker, The New Times, the officers of Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces (UPDF) live in dilapidated conditions.

The paper adds that the UPDF officers do not have enough to eat. The situation is so bad, writes The New Times, to the extent that Ugandan military officers have to steal food from animals:

”In September 2018, a group of UPDF officers attached to Queen Elizabeth National Park grabbed game meat from lions, after a successful hunt by the cats…UPDF soldiers chased the lions off their prey and carried the carcass back to their barracks.”

Unlike the poor Ugandan officers, says The New Times, the Rwandan soldiers are doing great. ”Rwandan soldiers are well taken care of, from what they need to eat to clothing, let alone accommodation.”

Dear The New Times, you are now a purely ”yellow press” — an American term for newspapers that offer zero legitimate news. Another term for your kind of ”content” is gutter journalism comprised of unresearched exaggerations and fact-free sensationalism. How comically tragic!😂😂😳😳

By David Himbara