Kagame’s Killer Squads As Described In A South African Court, December 2017

[4] The respondent, a Rwandan national alleges that he was employed as a soldier in the Rwandan army. Between 1993 and 1994 he was promoted to the rank of a sergeant and second lieutenant of the army respectively. In 1998 he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant working in the Division of Military Intelligence. In 2000 he commenced employment with the civilians for the Republican Guards in the National Security Services (NSS) of Rwanda and became an agent of the NSS.

[5] In October 2014 he was approached by his superior in Rwanda who instructed him to travel to South Africa to engage with the Rwanda National Congress (the RNC) members. The RNC is an exiled Rwandan opposition party which has offices in South Africa. The following day he was presented with a passport and documents to facilitate his journey to South Africa. At the time he did not know what he was coming to do in South Africa and as an NSS agent, he was merely following instructions. FULL JUDGEMENT