Kagame’s Body Language And Behaviour Reveal A Troubled Mind

By David Himbara

Dear Jeanne K from Kigali, of all folks who request that I help explain something about Rwanda and its president, you have asked me the toughest questions. You wish me to confirm that President Paul Kagame is mentally unwell. While I believe that his actions are most often irrational, I am not equipped to assess his mental state. That said, Kagame’s body language and several persisting behaviors give us clues. These two factors suggest a seriously troubled mind.

Jeanne K from Rwanda asked me two related questions about President Paul Kagame. Jeanne figures that I should know the man I worked for as a principal private secretary and advisor. Jeanne’s questions and comments are:

  • Why is our president so aggressive even over simple things? This does not seem right.
  • Is he mentally ill? He appears to be.

My answer is that I do not know whether President Paul Kagame is mentally ill or not. I am not a medical doctor/scientist or some kind of an expert on mental issues. Nonetheless, the body language of any individual often reveals more than his/her words. Further, certain behavioral patterns add useful insights to the understanding of this matter. FULL STORY