Kagame vs. Sadam! Kagame believes that he is Rwanda, without him Rwanda can’t exist and Rwanda is now classified as his personal property.

By Rpf Gakwerere

Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti also had a family like his criminal double – Paul Kagame. Like criminal Paul Kagame, Saddam Hussein assumed that he was a king with constant self-acclaimed electoral wins of 99%.

Saddam Hussein delusionally assumed he was Iraq and Iraq was his inherited property to rule and control as he wishes. On the other hand, criminal Paul Kagame believes in the same delusional metaphor, that he is Rwanda, without him Rwanda can’t exist and Rwanda is now classified as his personal property.

Saddam Hussein gassed Kurdish and Shia, brutally assassinated Sunnis who questioned his dictatorial rule and he was confined in beliefs that he had the rights of life and death, the same analogy thrills within Criminal Paul Kagame’s veins, the assumption that he has the powers of life and death over Rwandans.

As usual, dictators are selfish even to their respective families. In their lurking behaviours, they fail to realise the effects of their criminal actions to their immediate families. They assume that everything is fine, alright and consequences to their brutal actions as farfetched idealism that amount to nothing. By the end, payback knocks at their doorstep without warning as oppressed citizens reclaim their basic rights.

In the early days of April 2003, everything came crumbling for Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti, the population that he touted as voting him 99% abandoned him even his own Sunni brothers, his close associates – allies in the army/politics/business disappeared, his extended family members fled the country without saying bye. His three wives, daughters and grandchildren fled without any remorse of leaving him behind. His own brothers gave out his location and the location of his notorious sons, Uday and Qusay. At the end, the sins of taking the lives of innocent lives had encroached on him, and we all know what happened to him.

Does criminal Paul Kagame know how his current actions will affect his family when he is no longer around? Maybe, the delusional ruler assumes to be Omni God who will leave indefinitely. Does he assume that post Kagame error will grant protection to his family, considering the lives that he has sent to the graves? Or he is in usual schizophrenia dream thinking that he will impose the daughter to continue the dynasty lineage.

Criminal Paul Kagame will go the same way as Saddam Hussain went, for his case, it will be more viciously brutal and unforgiving, Rwandans all-over the country are crying for blood against this criminal who has destroyed all normalities of life, happiness, livelihood, human rights and societal co-existence. For a large section of senior Rwanda Defence Forces, they are just waiting the time when they get their hands on him….God Knows.

For me the corporal, I am just following the chess game from the side-line with eyes wide open. As Afande Vedaste Kayitare used to say, “a good soldier is that one who understands the timing, understands when to strike the enemy, doesn’t panic or rush, knows his/her objectives and goals, listens and not suicidal.”

Afande Vedaste Kayitare believed in military doctrine of patience, strategically understanding your enemy and treating your enemy with respect in order to not commit military operational errors………truth will prevail.