Kagame is on final touches to invade Burundi using Burundi Generals hiding in Kigali

All Intel shows that . Militias to invade Burundi have been undergoing intensive trainings inside Rwanda. Uganda and Tanzania intels know very well Kagame’s deadly plans. In his first attempt to oust President Nkurunziza, he almost succeeded, SFC forces from Uganda and Tanzania commandos had to escort Nkurunziza home in Burundi and fought off Kigali backed reneged military officers. And we hear this is Kagame’s current war blue print plan.

He’s going to dress his own RDF army in Burundi army uniform, make them attack their own Rwandan army in guerrilla style, destroy few security installations inside Rwanda that will give Kagame perfect alibi to move on Burundi.

We hear ex president Buyoya plus other rich Burundi exiles opposed to Nkurunzinza are in bed with Kagame doing sinister planing.
Kagame’s only disadvantage is that the regional power brokers like Uganda n Tanzania are well ahead of him.

They know exactly what blood-thirsty Kagame is planning, therefore battle-hardened Brigadier kanyesigyes deployment in Burundi is an eye opener. Burundi will be Kagame’s suicide rope if he continues with his silly games.

Surely you can’t fight everyone, even Satan has friends. In Uganda Kagame is fighting tooth and nail to cause regime change. In Tanzania Kagame is hated the way Putin hates Hillary Clinton, in Kenya top military strategists there pray for the day Kagame will dies, in South Africa Zuma left government while cursing that ka tiny Kagame man, in Ethiopia one time prime minister Meles Zenawi refused to give him audience during AU meetings because of jailing of Zenawi’s good friend Pasteur bizimungu..everywhere you go the man is not loved..his end will come unexpectedly.

Sam Byaruhanga