Kagame Is Enjoying Life In The US. Rwandans Are Washed Away By Floods. Infrastructures Are Destroyed. The Country Is Leaderless.

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By David Himbara

As soon as Paul Kagame’s Transform Africa Summit in Kigali ended on May 8, 2018, the Rwandan president jumped on his Gulfstream luxury jet to New York City, USA. From there, Kagame flew to California to attend his son’s graduation on May 12, 2018.

Before he briefly returned to Rwanda to host the Transform Africa Summit, Kagame itinerary included his visit to Congo Brazzaville on April 29, 2018. Before that, Kagame had been in London, UK, April 17–20, 2018. From London, Kagame went Chicago, the USA on April 23, 2018. And then headed for New York, the USA on April 24, 2018. In other words, Kagame was mostly overseas in April and May.

In Chicago and New York, Kagame had gone to attend a film premiere in which he is the star. Titled Rwanda: The Royal Tour, the movie is basically about Kagame and how he single-handedly rebuilt Rwanda. FULL STORY

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