Kagame and Alpha Conde’s deal in African migrants’ Slaves in Libya?

From our reliable sources in Kigali, Kagame can’t wait to cash in when he takes over as the new chairman of African Union in 2018. Our sources revealed to us that Louise Mushikiwabo’s announcement about Rwanda’s willingness to shelter refugees from Libya was a calculated message to mitigate criticisms from Rwandans and other Africans who didn’t like the deal between Kagame and Netanyahu to send to Rwanda African refugees detained in Holot detention in Israel. Also, Louise Mushikiwabo’s announcement was another move from Kagame to position himself in helping his airline company RwandAir.

Our sources in Kigali have told us that Kagame and his company RwandAir will benefit from the money the European Union is about to give to African Union for transporting these refugees from Libya when they will be relocated back to their countries or other European countries that have pledged to shelter them.

We all know that the current AU Chairman, Alpha Conde, is a friend of Kagame and now Kagame is about to benefit from this friendship. Alpha Conde has already granted Kagame’s airline RwandAir to transport Guinean migrants back home from Libya. We have learned that the deal was so sweet to RwandAir that it had to cancel its trips to Dubai temporarily. In the meantime, RwandAir has hired Kenya Airways to transport its customers who had scheduled to travel to Dubai with them. This deal is still a secret and none knows how much money Kagame will make from this business between the two head of states Kagame and Conde.

Kagame has already dispatched his nephew Hatari Sekoko to Guinea and he is working with the Guinea government to work out and finalize the deal. In this business of transporting migrants from Libya, Kagame’s RwandaAir is making a lot of money because it is charging for all seats instead of charging for per person meaning that RwandaAir still makes money even if it transports only 20 people. In Rwanda, no one is allowed to talk about this deal and anyone who will dare to talk about it will probably end up in jail or be killed.

Donat Muramira
South Bend, Indiana