Jeannette Rwigema vs. Jeannette Kagame

By Rpf Gakwerere

When told to write an academic paper on similarities on the husbands and their wives of these two families it would totally be a difficult task. Apart from both being Tutsis, nothing or any other similarities. And when you look at the Tutsi angle – similarity, there is a huge different ( Umwe numu tutsi w’impfura m’umutwe no m’umutima, undi akaba umututsi w’umutindi m’umutwe no m’umutima.)

It is totally impossible to compare a 1970s-80s slay queen to a lady. You can never compare a former general in the oldest trade under the red lights of Bujumbura and Nairobi, to a humble woman who respected herself throughout her youth. You can never compare darkness to light. You can never compare hell to heaven. You can never compare hate to love. You can never compare a person who is full of constant jealousy to that who is filled with admiration. You can never compare a person who is filled with hate against humanity to a person who is filled with love for mankind.

You can’t compare pure evil to virtuousness. You can’t compare inter and external ugliness, to internal and external beauty. You can’t compare constant greedy for everything to the extent of grabbing from the poor to satisfaction despite difficulties and daily challenges. You can’t compare a Godless character to a God fearing person.

You can’t compare a brainless character that can’t differentiate between good and bad, to a brain lady who totally understands what is good and what is bad. You can’t compare immorality to morality…..etc.

How I wish she was my first lady, how I wish they were a first family, she totally ticks all the boxes for being an exceptional first lady. My total love and admiration for this family to the extent that, even looking at their photos brings emotions of respect. To much love for this noble and humble family engulfs me – The Rwigemas.

Her class has always prevailed despite the challenges and difficulties she has gone through especially at the hands of a classless “first lady.” She has handled herself very well, reserved and upheld her sanity since the assassination of her husband – Gen Fred Rwigema. Her self-respect and prudence are exceptional. She is purity; unlike the side-lined old slay queen who is currently dumped at Muhazi.

Despite not having position, office, work, or wealth; she commands respect, admiration and love from the general public thus attracting hatred and jealousy from slim shady’s old slay queen.