Isn’t this Political defilement for a lack of a better word to use.

General Paul Kagame moved up-country to rally support for his pending assault on Ugandan forces, pictures below show the kind of people that attended his rallies, an independent informant has passed on information with evidence that school kids where forced out of school in uniform to attend these really.

In other intelligence news, information reaching my desk is that Terrorist will soon attack Uganda, Pilato has entered into an agreement with an internationally known terrorist group, they have recruited and training under the protection of Rwanda in Congo with all intentions of attacking Uganda as soon as possible. Information I have indicate that the goons are likely to cross to Uganda Using, Congo, Tanzania and Entebbe airport from Nairobi.

Security in Uganda has been beefed up at all borders and the situation will stay this way until the threat is centralized, I also have information that two foreign intelligence organizations are already investigating this.

Ugandans are advised to avoid populated places during peak hours, be very vigilant with individuals dressed with huge jackets. It appears someone is determined to cause some insecurity again.

By Seruga Titus