Is Kagame & RPF trying to export their terror to UK & other Western countries?

Rpf Gakwerere

For those who usually curse the messenger, I am merely a messanger and when someone inboxes me to share their messages, I try my best to deliver it to the intended audience unless it is a message discrediting the opposition…..below is an inbox message.👇👇👇👇

“Hi Rpf Rpf Gakwerere, would you share the photos I have just inboxed you on your timeline. The pictures show the swearing function in Manchester England of new RPF converts. Those functions are taking place all over Europe. And the RPF is registering people for the come and see program which will start in December. These are people who came seeking asylum under the pretence that they are fleeing from Paul Kagame and his RPF. Please, share my message.”