Is Kagame looking for pretext to attack Burundi, by killing Rwandans along the border with Burundi and DRC?

By Charles Kambanda

Kagame junta claims that last night, an armed group attacked a village in the Southern Region of Rwanda. It’s alleged that the armed group killed two people and wounded unspecified number of civilians. Kagame’s newspapers report that the “attackers” torched the village executive secretary’s car and made away with all night patrol local personnel.

A similar ” attack” took place last week, in the same region.

This sounds like a hollywood movie, for many reasons:
(a) Rwanda is a police state; Kagame’s security personnel and/or armed malitia are allover the place. Kagame himself says Rwanda is the safest country in Africa. How could a handful of armed group have carried out such an operation, for more than two hours, a week after another ” attack” in the same region?

( b) Kagame’s brutal night patrol guards are always armed. How did the attackers ” kidnap” all night patrol guards, without a fight?

( c) Hardly a day after the ” attack”, without any sign of serious investigations, Kagame junta blames the attack on FDLR. A couple months ago, Kagame junta declared that FDLR had been ” neutralized”.

Who believes Kagame, the merchant of death?

Kagame, you will be prosecuted for all these crimes; YOU ARE ON NOTICE