In Uganda, Mbabazi is still a friend of Museveni despite falling out with him and NRM. That’s is a different story in Rwanda with Kagame!

In political science, the photos below portray political maturity. Political maturity looks at three basic indicators, and these are political attitudes, political reasoning and political deeds/action. Politics shouldn’t separate relationships and friendships.

Over a million times, such political photos would never take place in Rwanda. Under Criminal Paul Kagame’s junta, when you fallout with him, everyone in the country including your own relatives distance themselves from you.

For example, when the mother of incarcerated Col Tom Byabagamba died, few of his relatives turned up for the burial. His so called friends, former comrades, relatives, neighbours………… etc, shied away – distanced themselves from the funeral and burial ceremonies.

When Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa’s mother died, the same thing happened. The only RDF soldier that attended the funeral and burial ceremony was Gen James Kabarebe. Few years along the way, Rwandans and Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa himself have come to know that, Gen James Kabarebe attended those ceremonies and always at the funeral vigil mainly for intelligence gathering purpose for his criminal boss.

Oppressed and enslaved Rwandans have witnessed how those who are sidelined by criminal Paul Kagame, are always isolated by the wider society.

Being put on Gatebe “agatebe” in Rwanda, it’s like suffering leprosy in 16th century Europe, everyone will distance themselves from you for fear of unknown repercussion(s). Examples are countless, even in your death, few will attend your burial. The case of Mzee Jacque Bihozagara, Mzee Alexis Kanyarengwe, Col William Bagire, ColCharles Ngoga, Lt. Col Wilson Rutayisire, Dr Murego Charles, Vénuste Rwakabamba….etc, the list is endless. Criminal Paul Kagame’s hatred towards them followed their souls upto their respective graveyards.

To Rwanda’s satanic criminal junta, having contrary ideas/policies to his, means hatred and death must be brought to your doorstep by all means necessary.

By Gakwerere