If Kayihura is innocent about Kaweesi Murder and Rwandan Refugees extraditions why did he deliver ISO Hard Disk to Rwanda?

By Seruga Titus

A source in Rwanda has confirmed to me that Rwandan Agents in Kampala were celebrating on wine bottles at ISO’s expense last night.

Last night at a Rwandan Paid safehouse on Accacia Avenue, 10 hot Rwandan girls were delivered to a team of seven men, they enjoyed their juice squirting beans all night. Their Celebration was about a mission well-done “to successfully deliver ISO hard Disk to Rwanda.”

On this site I alerted ISO and CMI last Monday that valued information had been stolen from ISO office and it was on its way to General Kayihura Who will move it, I expected ISO and CMI to block boarders and arrest goons but nothing happened instead they arrested people claiming they were my agents, ISO my agents are everywhere in Uganda from Boda Guys to Prosecutes everyone gives me information you can’t arrest everyone. Just clean up your house and remove all Kale Kayihura guys, Kaka should pick his own team.