President Kagame has become so stubborn and now Rwanda’s problems have overcome him and he prefers being a tourist in foreign countries because staying at home causes him lots of troubles. Due to the fear he has stocked in his officials, they are afraid to tell him the truth knowing that he would kill them. And that’s true, the guy actually is a serial killer number one in the world.

Kagame’s politics of using women has already turned to total fiasco. At the International Women’s Day on 8/3/2018 in his discourse, he said that women in Rwanda are the pillar of his leadership. Indeed, it’s true. When he wants to do what is not in line with the law, he utilizes women and that’s the reason why he has placed them in the heights of prominent institutions of the Government. And in so doing, however, he ignores the parable dating back in ancient times saying, “Once a home is dominated by a woman, it ends up in troubles.” Now it’s going to end up in guns and bullets, and then in piles of ashes.

How else could Kagame say that he has promoted women while most of the ambulant retailers in all Rwandan cities are women and the police regularly hunt them beating them ferociously? When most farmers of Irish potatoes, corn, banana, and rice being women are exploited and have no say on their production? When the prostitutes filled in Rwandan slums and ghetoes are women? While women and young girls are being raped, impregnated and HIV contaminated and their rapists go unpunished? When widows widowed by the RPF regime are on every mountain and in every valley? While all women who try to express their political views contrarily to the agenda of the Kagame regime are killed or imprisoned?

Really to which extent has Kagame promoted women ? Let him lie the foreigners and they do not even know him enough. Although Rwandans are silent, they are aware of what’s going on. It’s just the immediate cause that’s missing and finally a hurricane of revolution will blow through Rwanda!

Written by:
Jean Rukika
A London-based activist 
Monday, 12 March 2018