Hairdresser with “No job is better than mine” eats good, dreams big

Uwingabire Clementine, 36, of Kiruhura village, Kigali cell of Kigali sector, has been doing hairdressing for some time now, from which she earns enough to fend for her family. Talking to IGIHE, she has unveiled that she can earn from Rwf 3,000 to 5,000 per day from her business.

“I have done this job for five years and I feel no job is better than mine. With the earnings I get from hairdressing, I can ably pay house rent of Rwf 30,000, I feed and satisfy some other needs.I never failed to get school fees for my son untill he completed university education .That is why I can’t abandon my job,” says Uwingabire.

She says more women that are jobless should take to the trade of hairdressing and plaiting. “It is an easy trade to learn and sustain.”

Uwingabire says that she paid Rwf 20,000 per trimester to learn hairdressing. She has now saved more than Rwf 500,000 which she expects to buy land on which she can construct own house.

“Hairdressing earns me enough money even though I don’t have a particular permanent place where I run my business from. Most of the time I walk with my materials so that whenever I find a client even on street I serve her.I have a dream of building a beautiful house and a hair dressing saloon,” said Uwingabire.

She says that some people undermine her work saying it is for jobless and low income generating but never gets discouraged as she knows the hidden secret.

“When some people hear that you depend on hairdressing, they tend to despise you yet people earning Rwf 5,000 per day in Kigali are few,” she said.

Uwingabire says that some people are call her for appointment to do their hair thanks to her longstanding experience in hairdressing.

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Uwingabire Clementine serving a client