There is a number of allegations and impeachments sufficient for the people of Rwanda to call their incumbent President Paul Kagame into resignation.

✔ Kagame has never been loyal to the Republic of Rwanda.

Since the so-called liberation war of the 1990-94 and the invasion of Congo from 1996 to 2003 and onwards, Kagame was the Commander-in-Chief and later the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of an army that wrought havoc on Rwandan people and refugees at home and abroad. Many human rights organizations and the United Nations Organization have reported to the world the story of Kagame’s atrocities.

✔ Kagame has failed to respect and defend the Constitution and other laws.

When Kagame expired his term in the office he had nothing to do except handing over power peacefully. By contrast, Kagame fiddled with the people’s Constitution and allowed himself three terms ahead while it’s enshrined in article 101 of the Rwandan Constitution that the President of the Republic shall be elected for a term of five years renewable only once. It states that under no circumstances shall any person exercise more than two presidential terms.

In 2001, Kagame sent Rwandan nationals to be prosecuted in America for crimes committed in Lwindi National Park against American tourists whereas it is noted in Rwandan Constitution that no Rwandans shall be sent abroad for reasons of prosecution.

✔ Allegations of corruption and embezzlement.

The Public Accounts Committee of Parliament (PAC) has exposed a host of cases that are very well documented by international organizations, witnesses and media in which Kagame is implicated for financial mismanagement and abuse of office. This is empeachable enough to depose the monarch Kagame.

✔ Kagame has failed to safeguard peace and protect the integrity of Rwandan territory and to consolidate national unity.

After Kagame’s 24 years in power, the country endlessly seems to be in a state of war and the nationals are disappeared even executed in public without trial.

✔ Kagame fulfills his duties out of ethnic and regional consideration.

In the Kagame administration there is remarkable segregation. He surrounds himself with his fellow ethnic group’s people and prominent institutions of the government are mostly conferred to Tutsis from Uganda. Others are less appreciated.

✔ President Kagame exercises powers invested upon him for personal gains.

He spends the public money on unnecessary air travels abroad to make money for his private jets which the government hires with him without thinking how to promote the livelihoods of the common masses. All important companies like Crystal Ventures, Horizon, Inyange, etc that operate in Rwanda are his.

✔ Kagame has failed to guarantee the respect of fundamental liberties and rights of the person and to safeguard the interests of the Rwandan people.

So far, Kagame rules the country with an iron hand. Rwandan people have no right to a fair trial, right to private property, right to doing politics and right to free speech. Only Kagame is free to act as he likes and the nationals have to surrender to his wants in a thunderous silence for fear of either being sent to jail or into the grave. Nonetheless, Kagame pretends to show the rest of the world that Rwandans are among Africa’s happiest people although it is the contrary.

In regard to the aforementioned seven points, we are asking countries or individuals on their own to advise President Paul Kagame of Rwanda to step down while it is still daylight. Rwandans need to be relieved from the tedium of Kagame’s daily harsh rule. Main donors of Rwanda especially USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium ought to suspend every aid to Rwanda until the dictator Paul Kagame is removed.

Jean Rukika