What you have to appreciate with criminal Paul Kagame, it’s his essence of planning ahead. Nothing within that his junta regime does without prior systematic planning, and especially when it comes to committing crimes or exporting terrorism. But most of the times the results – outcome defer from their intended objectives or goals.

For the last month, the RDF is forming 4 mobile force units. These are special units which are being built for specific mission and purpose. According to different sources, these mobile battalions are being build using the RPA/RPF mobile force model, specifically the 157 mobile force which was commanded by Gen Fred Ibingira during the RPA/F struggle. During the RPA/F struggle, 157 mobile force was the largest unit which comprised to nearly 1500 personnel.

According to my source, since last month, the initial building of these mobile forces, DMI selection team has been following certain selection criteria:

1) They have been selecting middle ranking officers who were recruited over the years in Uganda by double agent Kale Kayihura to join RDF cadet course in Rwanda. While he was the IGP of Uganda police, double agent Kale Kayihura secretly recruited for the RDF in Uganda especially in different universities. With his team, double agent Kale Kayihura encouraged potential candidates to either join Uganda Police or Rwanda’s military. His criteria of recruitment which the RDF has been following for years it was having one of the parent to be of Rwandese origin. And every Rwandans know that boys and girls who originate from Uganda are given potential preferences in criminal Paul Kagame’s security organs.

2) The second stage that DMI selection team is currently doing, it’s picking low ranking personnel from other units who have lived in Uganda and moving them in these mobile force units that the RDF is currently building.

3) During the general recruitment in April of this year, 2018; DMI selection team recruited heavily in Uganda especially in Buganda, Kisoro and Toro area. With Rwandans in Rwanda shunning away from joining criminal Paul Kagame’s army, DMI went international to sensitize for new energetic army conscripts. As noted earlier, main criteria in general recruitment it’s having one of the parent to be a Rwandan.

These recruits are currently undergoing a nine month intensive basic military training in Nasho and Gako military training wings. At the end of their military training, they will deployed in these mobile force units.

4) For the past months, DMI selection team has also been placing former FDLR fighters in these mobile force units. Former FDLR fighters who returned to Rwanda have always been a recruitment pool for DMI recruitment selectors. For example, former FDLR fighters have been deployed in special force units especially those tasked with clandestine missions in DR Congo and others have been deployed in DMI after intelligence training as field operatives, and later deployed especially within SEDEC countries.

According to my sources, these mobile force units are being built for strategic military campaign that criminal Paul Kagame anticipates to engulf the greatlakesregion.

On 11th/12/18, we witnessed criminal Paul Kagame passing 5 battalions that had been going through a three months combined military assault training in Gabiro. These 5 battalions came from 5 different Divisions.


By Gakwere Rpf