General Museveni refused to meet privately with Rwandan President Kagame commonly referred to on these streets as Pilato.

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By Seruga Titus

Rwanda had hoped to ambush Museveni in Nairobi, to make a diplomatic showoff that boosts their international ranking and local confidence that indeed crime in Uganda is not promoted and funded by Pilato.

The King of Wakanda insisted on meeting Pilato with other leaders but nothing on the side. This principle keep your enemies closer hasn’t registered yet with Museveni.

General Museveni is still pissed at messages found in General Kayihura’s phone after his arrest but the military. It should be remembered that on the fateful day General Kayihura was constantly speaking on phone with a Rwandan Generals waiting for him at the other side of the boarder. A welcome home party had been organized.

Meanwhile Police Spokesperson Kayima Who himself is a Munyarwanda by origin barely sleeps in his bed. His immediate family was taken to Rwanda before his appointment to office, it’s not clear when the army will arrest him or when he will be dropped from this office but all indication is that all important communications have been given to someone else, his information clearance is almost zero.

Charging of Gerenal Kayihura in Uganda only confirming to ICC that Kagame and his men should be investigated and bought to justice.


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