Gen Kayihura fears for his Life, after killing Kirumira. Who cares?

Tumbavu!!! Gen Kayihura fears for his Life, after killing Kirumira. Who cares? Let me take this opportunity to expose Chimpsreport specifically Giles Achebe Muhame the author of this article.

On February 8, 2018 your website ran a post SPECIAL REPORT: Intelligence Services Probe Nickson Agasirwe’s ADF Ties.…/

The above article was authored by Kim Aine at the time, my guess is that external powers must have forced Kim out of Chimpsreport. This article clearly puts Nickson in ADF and looking at Nickson and Kayihura’s relationship we all know that Nickson is Kayihura in the crime world.

I read your article that ADF wants Kill Kayihura, total lies designed to divert us from a fact that Kayihura killed Kirumira, ADF is heavily funded by Rwanda, Kayihura is Rwanda’s supper agent, these are facts already proven, the only people killed by ADF were those that collaborated with Museveni or got Amnesty, Kiguddu got Amnesty and joined government, others got Amnesty and retired or helped ISO and CMI these were killed for fear that they would disclose the relationship between Rwanda and ADF.

As a plan to alienate Moslems some Moslem leaders were killed innocently to get other join the struggle, the authors of these killing wanted to make it look like government was slowly killing those who returned this was meant to discourage others from returning home. What Intelligence did was to coordinate there return and try and make peace deals, at this time senior intelligence officials were published in papers as working with Rebels, one wonders why they were not fired, maybe they had instructions to talk to ADF.

Kayihura’s team helped put out some of the Muslim who refused to join ADF and those who had returned seeing that they were being used by Rwanda without progress.

ADF training camps in Congo where managed by Rwandese Moslems soldiers who learnt clean Luganda and Islam, You can not therefore claim that ADF wants to kill one of their own.

The only reason ADF would kill Kayihura is if Rwanda found out that Kayihura has given information to Museveni that gives away their plans, this happened with Aronda When he openly told Museveni that he had been approached by Kagame.

Kayihura knows his master Kagame and he will risk going to prison for life than give away details of their operations for fear that Kagame will finish him and his family.

Chimpsreport knows a lot but decides to look at cash coming in than tell the truth, Ugandan media houses are now making money than giving information that is credible.

Nickson had been helping arrested ADF Rebels escape from detention like he did with a big name rebel Omar Abdallah Matuka rightly reported by Chimpsreport.


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