Gen Kale Kayihura in Uganda has been arrested

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News flowing from patriotic Uganda’s intelligence circle is that, they have foiled a DMI plan to sneak double agent Kale Kayihura out of the Country to Rwanda.

After being refused to leave the country through proper channels, and president Museveni refusing his constant calls – to speak to him, double agent Kale Kayihura may have decided to use plan B to flee from the country.

According to info coming from Uganda’s security circle, Rwanda’s DMI operatives have been planning plan B in order to save their senior agent from the jaws of Uganda’s justice system. Especially when his allies that he used in his dirty works are slowly being rounded up.

With the help of Rwanda’s intelligence service – DMI, Double agent Kale Kayihura was planning a Kiiza Besigye style of escape. We all remember how in 2001, Col Kiiza Besigye escaped to exile despite a 24-hour security surveillance around him. Unfortunately, Kale Kayihura’s escape plan has come down crashing, a pure peasant General who has got his ranks through taking lives of innocent people.

The no nonsense Commander of land forces Major General Peter Elwelu is now in western Uganda waiting for orders of either to arrest this criminal or leave the criminal at his farm as boys from the security apparatus continue to monitor the thug.

By Rpf Gakwerere

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