Gatera was very brutal to his employees. Now let him feel the same pain he inflicted on his employees in Kagame’s businesses.

By Gakwerere

Egide Gatera, I hope your enjoying the slow killing poison courtesy of your boss criminal Paul Kagame. I would like to thank criminal Paul Kagame for slowly but surely continuing to re-pay very well his dogs. As I always say, no one will survive the wrath of this criminal. And for those who haven’t been caught by the brutal hand of this ruthless ruler, trust, it’s a matter of time.

Egide Gatera, however much you visit Belgium for treatment, the slow killing poison will take you where your boss wants, it’s a one way tick to the graveyard. You served his purpose and now, your unwanted surplus who knows too much of his business secrets, thus, he has to bury you.

What these sycophantic dogs fail to understand, it’s that a serial killer has no boundaries. For them, they assume that, as long as others are killed or being oppressed it’s fine since they aren’t being affected or profiting from the junta regime. They ought to know that serial killers have no single consciousness or attachment to anything except blood.


Niyibizi Bonaventure fled the country to USA. He was his co-worker in tea factories across the country. Niyibizi was used during the privatization in order to enable the state’s factories to fall in the hands of the criminal Kagame. He joined those he used to call enemies of the country in exile. Gatera was very brutal to his employees. Now let him feel the same pain he inflicted on his employees in Kagame’s businesses. What you are saying rpf Rpf Gakwerere is absolute truth behind the deaths of many tutsis in Rwanda by the criminal Kagame. Initially they thought Kagame kills only hutus and tutsis still thought they were untouchable. When sebarenzi fled the country those who were within the junta of Kagame still thought that they were untouchable including Kayumba nyamwasa. When colonel cyiza was Kidnapped and killed by Jack nziza those who were within the junta were still thinking it is because he was a hutu that they are untouchable. When bizimungu was being harassed rose kabuye and other RPF criminals were supporting Kagame in this brutality against bizimungu thinking that they are untouchable because they are also criminals who had been helping Kagame to kill hutus and undesirable tutsis. Finally Kagame benefitted from such stupidity of tutsis to kill them slowly through different means. Someone who managed to escape him owing to his knowledge on Paul Kagame’s brutality is Kayumba nyamwasa although Kagame tried repeatedly to bring him into the graveyard ⛼ in exile. See the case of inyumba. They become aware of Kagame only when they are affected. This technics of Kagame of killing slowly people will eventually finish tutsis who used to be close to him one by one because he truly knows how their blindness of having eyes but unable to see has enslaved the tutsis. Until today those who are still not affected they still think they are untouchable owing to their blindness. Kagame has mastered such kind of blindness within the tutsis. Finally he will remain with hutus

Kayitsinga’s comments

I heard about that terrible poison Kamegeri uses to reward his sycophants idiots. Dmi poisoners swear to Satan that that one is very powerful and terrible in a such way that one single drop is enough to kill ten people in a row even if they were treated by whatever kind of medicines or antidotes. It is worse than a snake venom.
And according to Bishop Dan Munyuza, it has an advantage of looking and tasting exactly like water; which make it very easy to be unnoticeably dripped in any kind of food; and quite untraceable in your bloodstream once it has finished to lay you down.

So if Dmi special poisoners have dripped a quarter-drop of it in the food of stupid umushumba Gatera, ooohh that one would be everything but a bad news.????