Gakwerere: “My principle, never to interfere when a master is punishing his/her own dog(s).”


Criminal Paul Kagame, as usual when you arrest your backing dogs, I always appreciate and applaud you. My principle, never to interfere when a master is punishing his/her own dog(s).

Today, I again applaud you for arresting sergeant – journalist Robert Mugabe who is attached to Gen James Kabarebe’s mafia intelligence network. Your security machinery, the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has arrested him for having sex with two sisters.

According to RIB, sergeant – journalist Robert Mugabe first impregnated a 19 year old girl, then took her for an abortion. After helping the 19 year old girl to abort, the sly sergeant – journalist moved in for the yoyo of her young sister – a 17 year old girl. And Gen James Kabarebe’s intelligence boy has been eating the yo yo of the underage girl. For those who didn’t know, the legal sex approval in Rwanda is 18 years and above.

All oppressed and enslaved Rwandans remember the role which sergeant – Journalist Robert Mugabe played in the predicaments of the Rwigara family.

Questions are, why has criminal Paul Kagame moved in to humiliate his agent, especially over a “crime” that his own trusted aids perpetrate on daily basis? Why not start with Rwanda’s current number 2, Gen James Kabarebe for always slipping with underage girls despite all Rwandans knowing of his infectious disease?

Below, I have shared the link on how DMI run tabloid, Igihe, splashed the breaking news.

Umunyamakuru Robert Mugabe akurikiranyweho gusambanya abakobwa babiri bavukana