Flash back: Major Kayitare was brutally killed in 2015 at the orders of his boss, Paul Kagame

Freedom is not a commodity or a gift given to the oppressed upon demand. It is the precious reward of constant struggle and sacrifice. We shouldn’t expect that, Rwanda’s brutal killer will hand us our freedoms on silver-plate. Freedom won’t be given, we have to win it. The vimpire in Kigali will never voluntarily relinquish power without being pushed. It is only through constant struggle that we shall be able to regain our independence and freedom from the vimpire’s dictatorship.

R.I.P Major Kayitare, an escort and a personal driver of Rwanda’s vampire for more than a decade. He was tortured, eyes gouged out, stabbed throughout his body and brutally Killed in February of 2015 at the orders of his boss – criminal Paul Kagame.

In a dictatorship, knowing too much is a crime. They are always scared of their criminal secrets to be leaked out, in containing information they sometimes eliminates those they least trust. And in February of 2015, it was the unfortunate turn of Major Kayitare. Dictators have no religion, culture, shame or a heart. In their eyes, everyone is a pawn to be used and eliminated when there usefulness has expired. Trust a political vampire – criminal at your own risk.

By Rpf Gakwerere