Fabricated charges against BBC journalist Ndayizera after being kept incommunicado for 7 days by Kagame’s regime

After 8 days of denial, for not having the disappeared journalist – Phocas Ndayizera, just yesterday the spokesman of Rwanda Investigation Bureau – Modeste Mbabazi told journalists that he doesn’t know the where abouts of a missing journalist Phocas Ndayizera.

Today morning, journalists in Rwanda were called for a important press conference at the headquarter of Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), journalists were amused but not shocked to see RIB producing the journalist who had disappeared since Wednesday of last week.

The whole of last week all law and order apparatuses in the enclave had denied of holding him. Today, the man who was at the forefront of the denial, the RIB spokesman -Modeste Mbabazi was the one who showed the kidnapped journalist – Phocas Ndayizera to invited journalists as he narrated how Phocas Ndayizera was arrested on terrorism related charges.

The spokesman of criminal Paul Kagame’s terror security services showed journalists evidences (in photo below) of materials which Phocas Ndayizera had when he was arrested. When you look up closely, the materials shown to journalists are mere fireworks and few wires.

In front of journalists, Phocas Ndayizera denied everything including the fake evidences shown by the junta police, claiming his an innocent person.

The drama today, reminded me the same drama of Kizito Mihigo, where the junta police kidnapped him and After 5 days of denials, they produced him in front of journalists with a claim that he was planning a coup d’etat by assassinating criminal Paul Kagame. Without any single proof – evidence or witness, criminal Paul Kagame’s court sentenced him for 10 years.

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