Embassies, Lawyers, Rights Bodies Raise Up To Save Maj Sankara from Being Extradited For Hanging in Rwanda

Fresh details from the Republic of Comoros indicate that Rwanda’s dissident Maj Callixte Sankara who was arrested in Comoro capital by the country’s security is still safe from being extradited to Rwanda for prosecution.

On 12 April 19, Comoro security agency operatives moved in to arrest Major Sankara Callixte who fled his country for his life after Rwanda had tipped the authority in Comoros that one of 1994 genocide suspect was in that country.

As Comoro’s intelligence agency moved in to arrest Major Sankara 6 members of Rwanda’s intelligence were reportedly already in Comoros Capital Moroni supervising the arrest from the sideline.

Once at the central intelligence headquarter – National Central Bureau in the capital Moroni, Major Sankara was informed about the reasons of his arrest which included being wanted for genocide crimes against the Tutsi.

Shocked to the marrow, Sankara informed his captors that his a genocide survivor who lost his entire family during the 1994 Tutsi genocide.

“When the arresting intelligence officers referred these claims to Rwandan operatives on the ground, they automatically changed the extradition request reasons stating terrorism and being part of an armed group” A source says.

It is further reported that by Saturday morning, 13 April 19, Major Sankara’s University friends from University of Antananarivo where he studied his master degree had already been informed by people who were present when he was arrested.

“Luckily, his former University friends are top lawyers and others work in the country’s prosecution services”.

“By midday Saturday, 13 April 19, the 6 DMI operatives with a prosecutor from Kigali started realizing that their plan wasn’t working as they had hoped. What they thought would have been a quick kidnap was turning into a protracted boardroom battle of legal minds. They then briefed Gen Dan Munyuza who in turn briefed Paul Kagame who was in USA with his children”.

Kagame reportedly instructed Rwanda’s chief prosecutor and Chief of defense forces Gen Patrick Nyamvumba to head the negotiations, with instructions to corrupt officials in Comoros at any price.

“On Sunday, 14 April 2019, by the time Gen Patrick Nyamvumba and his delegation arrived in Moroni, Comoros. All human rights bodies in the country had been informed about unlawful plan to extradite Major Sankara to Kigali where he is expected to be executed”. Source adds.

By Sunday evening, a case that Rwandan delegation hoped to be a simple Kidnaping with a chartered plane ready to transport Maj Sankara to Rwanda, had turned into a national issue right to office of the Country’s president.

By April 15, 2019, all major embassies in Moroni, Comoros had been informed about this pending extradition. And western embassies started inquiring with the president’s office on a reason someone is going to be extradited without due process of law.

By evening, with major human rights bodies, western embassies, local human rights activists intervening, the threat of Major Sankara being extradited to Rwanda receded.

Yesterday Tuesday 16 April 2019, there were high level negotiations to release Major Sankara and relocate him to a safer place.

The negotiations are reportedly still underway for his relocation to a safer Country.

A source further noted that by last evening, Gen Patrick Nyamvumba and his delegation had returned to Rwanda empty handed, leaving the six operatives who were in the country when he was arrested to continue following the case.

Maj Sankara a highly trained commando is the spokesperson of Rwanda’s new rebel group, National Liberation Force (NLF) .

NLF is a military wing of Rwandan Movement for Democratic Change (RMDC) led by an affluent humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina who is deputized by Maj. Sankara.

The rebel outfit has in the last few days given Kagame sleepless nights as it intensified war on RDF soldiers in Nyungwe forests.

Tens of government troops were killed including senior ranking army officials whose names were concealed.