Dear oppressed Rwandans and well wishers, aunt Rose Kabuye needs your prayers

By Rpf Gakwerere

Forget about criminal Paul Kagame’s tantrums of fabricated economic growth of more than 10% in the last fiscal quarter. In reality the economy has been in stagnation for the past three fiscal years, increased levels of national borrowing can attest a failed economy characterised by slow production, capital flight and business foreclosures and bankruptcies.

Poverty is eating everyone except those in the inner circle of the junta regime. Poverty is depleting societies and ravaging the countryside.

And for those on Gatebe – Agatebe, the situation is worse as they are considered as the undesirables with no right to get a job in private or government sector, not allowed to own a passport or leave the country. They are in a open prison called Rwanda under close surveillance.

Dear oppressed Rwandans and well wishers, aunt Rose Kabuye needs your prayers; like any other oppressed Rwandans, poverty is eating the once Kagamist poster girl. Remember, she last held a proper job in 2014 for a UN mission in Darfur – Sudan.

Yes, she has a hotel in Kanugu, but as we all know. Once your out of favour with criminal Paul Kagame, even clients shy away in fear. It’s a matter of time before Bank of Kigali lenders come to knock on the door.

As young RPA fighters used to address her as aunt, Lt Col Rose Kabuye like any other oppressed and starving Rwandan needs prayers.

Trust, in criminal Paul Kagame’s dictatorship, no one will survive the wrath. Especially in a system which is characterised by intrigues, paranoia, lies, jealous and hatred among themselves.