Dear Adeline Rwigara

By David Himbara

You never cease to amaze
You inspire millions of your compatriots with your
Courage, and

You have been through thick and thin
You been through high and low
And yet you stand your ground, a
Strong woman

I can only imagine
How much sufferings you have been through
I can only imagine how you felt
When your loved husband, Assinapol
You demanded for answers, from
A killer state

And now,
Your daughter Diane
You stood by her when she challenged power
The state stuck back
As a wounded beast
I can only imagine how you felt
When the state locked you up in your home
Took away all your valuables
In an attempt to finish you

But you persist
With dignity
With courage, and
To stand up to power,
While millions of us watch,
Hiding under our beds
Trembling with fear
Of a terror state,
That is tormenting you, and
Diane, and
Anne, and your

May the creator of universe,
Keep you healthy
In these
Dark days