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Dear oppressed Rwandans, your ruled by a narcissistic junta. Today, criminal Paul Kagame warned his oppressed slaves against taking their children to study in any of the neighbouring countries, he continued to warn them against seeking any medical check or treatment in any of the neighbouring countries.

This is a hypocritical criminal junta who pays with public funds for his children to study in private boarding schools and universities in USA. This hypocrite, goes for any medical treatment in Boston, where his Jewish General Practitioner is best, his family also receives medical treatment and check ups at the same surgery as their father in Boston, massachusetts – USA.

Why are oppressed Rwandans taking in great number their children to study in Uganda? Obviously, because of the failing education system in Rwanda which has seen 14 ministers in a space of 20 years. Why are Rwandans seeking for treatment in neighbouring countries? Because of the failing health system in his kingdom.

Now, since the CEO of Rwanda has warned his enslaved subject, trust, soon, it will be a crime to take your children to study in any of the neighbouring countries or to seek treatment or health/care check up in a neighbouring countries.

With East African Community, mobility of good, services, human capital and resources are the key elements of EAC. It seems, criminal Paul Kagame has imposed restrictions on the mobility of his oppressed subjects.

By Gakwerere

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