Criminal Paul Kagame and his family control around 80% of business transactions in Rwanda

oligarchy is a small group of people having control of a country or organization. Rwanda is currently under the rule of a brutal oligarchy establishment that is a also currupt to its core. Criminal Paul Kagame and his family control around 80% of business transactions in the Country. In any money making businesses, the Kagames are there.

They control the manufacturing sector, telecommunication sector, agricultural sector, real estate sector, Banking sector, mining and Petroleum deals/sector, construction sector, transportation sector, tourism and hotelier sector, supply of pharmaceutical/medicine in the country, supply of agricultural fertilisers, catering sector, media and entertainment sector, supply of all government tenders, catering….etc. To them, Rwanda is a money making machine.

This week, we witnessed a wasteful endeavour in what the oligarchy usually call “the government retreat.” This was the 14th government retreat, where the vampire ruler turns up to aggrandize himself, rebuke and intimidate his subjects. This is also an opportunity for oligarchy chief to make some cash at the expense of struggling tax payers.

In all these government retreats, it is Kagame’s catering company Cassanova which is contracted by the government to provide all catering needs including sleeping arrangements of the attendees – sycophants, cleaning, provision of foods and drinks. Cassanova is also contracted by the government to provide catering services to any government function – all ministries in Rwanda.

The big winner of these useless government retreats which have nothing to do with policies; is criminal Paul Kagame. His thirst for greedy is endless, the man plundered DR Congo to its core; but the thirst for greedy wouldn’t be squashed. As the French always say, “Les hyènes politiques ne sont jamais satisfaites. Après avoir serré chaque penny du public, ils se tourneront vers leurs propres enfants. La cupidité est leur caractère et il est avide qui conduit à la baisse des chutes.”

Below are photos of sycophants wasting the meagre government resources #governmentretreat

Gakwerere Rpf

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