Confirmed: Sacks of cash recovered in Kayihura’s Muyenga Home.

By Seruga Titus

Cash close to 3 million dollars found at General Kayihura’s Muyenga residence, also recovered are 5 unidentified guns and a state of the art phone tracking device installed and fully functional.

Information received indicate that General Kayihura’s house was taken over by CMI the day he was dismissed as IGP be reminded that he had travelled to His countryside home. The military allowed no one access to this premise after receiving information that the general was a custodian of a machine that taps calls.

In a related development another Kawukumi has been identified, Latif Zake the RPC of Masaka is believed to have travelled to Rwanda to deliver General Kayihura’s message, he then went through TZ and through Kenya before returning back home.

On his return Zake bought land in Mityana and built 10 shops within just one month.

Zake Lafit is a Makindye (CMI) Candidate.


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