By Rpf Gakwerere

Oppressed Rwandans, I hope you didn’t forget that your King’s concubine introduced her boyfriend/hubby to her family yesterday 23rd/06/2018.

Last month, when we posted about the coming introduction ceremony of criminal Paul Kagame’s side dish Clare Akamanzi; in the ceremony which was to be held on the 23rd/06/2018 in Kigali, some pessimists questioned our info.

Now, the corporal has the photos and will be sharing them. The corporal attended this SATANIC wedding where the country’s embezzled resources where poured without any single limit. As Che Guevara once said ” to fight them, you have to be among them and obtain all the necessary information.”

Oppressed Rwandans, just know that there is a small clique that has taken all the country’s resources as the majority are living in abject poverty.

This was a well protected secret of the state. Kagame’s media and his social media attack dogs have remained quiet on the subject especially when you consider how they are usually aroused by ceremonies that are to be held by fellow sycophants.

Due to security reason, I will be sharing one photo.