Rwandan women sold in Mityana as Brides at shs 80K

Rwandan women are being sold off as brides in Mityana municipality, URN reports. Despite the fact that many people shy away from talking about the lucrative practice with strangers,... Read more »

Exclusive: Uganda Responds to Rwanda on ‘Complicated’ Relations

he government of Uganda has urged Rwanda to always communicate its “concerns through the rightful diplomatic channels”, Chimp Corps report. The Permanent Secretary at Uganda’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, Amb... Read more »

Kigali Desperate to Mend Fences With Neighbors But Doors Closed-Sezibera

Rwanda’s Foreign Affairs and Regional Cooperation minister Richard Sezibera says his government is willing to mend relations with the neighboring countries, but they have refused to respond. Sezibera fears... Read more »


Oppressed and enslaved Rwandans, I hope you know that your neighbours Uganda and Burundi are on top of their respective groups in the Africa Cup of Nations Qualification for... Read more »

Kagame’s Propaganda Machine Viciously Attacked South Africa, Uganda, And Burundi

UGANDA AND BURUNDI COURT NEW REBEL GROUP AGAINST RWANDA. Reliable sources have disclosed to this website that security officials from Uganda have joined forces with those of Burundi in... Read more »

Kagame’s Propaganda Machine Viciously Attacked South Africa, Uganda, And Burundi

By David Himbara General Paul Kagame’s propaganda machine, Rushyashya, is on the offensive, viciously attacking South Africa, Uganda, and Burundi. The first attack was against South Africa, after that country... Read more »


From Monday to Sunday, major titles that are splashed in DMI run tabloids are all about Burundi or Uganda. As their usual habit, today, DMI woke up with another... Read more »

How Gen Kayihura was able to get sensitive information and unlimited access to Museveni thru his former lover Hope

Ghanaian Senior Assassin operating recruiting former Flying Squad works closely with State house Staff. High suspected “assassin sponsor” Kwami Agbodza’s mobile phone numbers have been decrypted and hacked. +44... Read more »

Rwandan Website sponsored by Kagame’s Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) accuses Museveni for killing ASP Kirumira.

The website doesn’t mention a word about kayihura or his Kirumira’s wars and constant criticism of Kagame’s main man General Kale Kayihura who brutally arrested the Late Kirumira and... Read more »

Museveni Speaks on ‘RWANDA’ Fueling Insecurity in Uganda.

By Kim Aine President Museveni has vowed to uproot what he described as a “jigger” that has “polluted” Uganda’s peace and stability, Chimp Corpsreport. Museveni was responding to a... Read more »