Rwanda’s Character Assassination Of Minister Sisulu Should Not Distract South Africa’s Inquest Into Karegeya’s Murder

Open Letter to Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa Dear President Cyril Ramaphosa, this letter refers to two matters, namely, Rwanda’s character-assassination of South Africa’s Minister... Read more »

Normalisation of SA-Rwanda relations has been suspended after insults to Sisulu, sources say

The short-lived normalisation of South Africa’s fraught relations with Rwanda has been by frustrated by insults flung at International Relations and Cooperation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu by the Rwandan government... Read more »

Rwandan court acquits prominent opposition leader of forgery, incitement

CNN — Diane Rwigara, the 37-year-old human rights activist who had once hoped to run for the Rwandan presidency, has been acquitted of charges of fraud and inciting insurrection.... Read more »

Kagame should release all political prisoners. Releasing Diane Shima Rwigara and her mother is not sufficient.

Kagame should release all political prisoners. Releasing Diane Shima Rwigara and her mother is not sufficient. Most importantly, Kagame and his bloody junta must open political space, bring an... Read more »

Rwandan opposition leader defiant as prison term possible

KIGALI, RWANDA BY IGNATIUS SSUUNA ASSOCIATED PRESS. As she waits for a judge to pronounce her fate, the Rwandan opposition leader accused of inciting insurrection and forgery after challenging the... Read more »

US congressional support builds for Rwandan opposition leader

CNN — A group of members of the US Congress are calling on the Rwandan government to drop charges against Diane Rwigara, a fierce government critic who is facing... Read more »

US lawmakers challenge Rwanda government over Diane Rwigara

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On the clip Below which is on Kinyarwanda dialect, Jennifer Rwamugira is talking about the husband’s recent kidnapping by DMI.

Dear oppressed, enslaved, starving and jobless Rwandans. Please listen to the clip below (Kinyarwanda dialect), a wife – mother crying about her husband, relatives not knowing where their loved... Read more »

RWANDA/U.S.: Hearing in the US congress on Diane Rwigara’s ongoing bogus court case that is taking place in Kigali.

You have to ask yourself this simple question: Why does Kagame brag about Rwanda having the highest women of parliamentarian women in the world? The answer is equally simple—it’s... Read more »

Fabricated charges against BBC journalist Ndayizera after being kept incommunicado for 7 days by Kagame’s regime

After 8 days of denial, for not having the disappeared journalist – Phocas Ndayizera, just yesterday the spokesman of Rwanda Investigation Bureau – Modeste Mbabazi told journalists that he... Read more »