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Ingabire Umuhoza: Asking for a Presidential Clemency and Accepting Criminal Responsibility are two different things at law

By Didas Gasana Since her release from prison on a presidential pardon alongside Kizito Mihigo, as well as more than two thousand other convicts but on different legal grounds; the media (both local and int’l) have been misreporting the facts


President Paul Kagame has successively appointed sycophantic professors as heads of the Electoral Commission. During the presidential & parliamentary elections of 2003, Professor Chrysologue Karangwa became Chairperson of the NEC (National Electoral Commission) and he helped Kagame to reach a

Will Museveni lie again that Bobi Wine was not tortured by his thugs?

My fear now is Museveni’s Thugs will not miss Bobi Wine next time but assassinating him will probably end Museveni’s dictatorship. Reading and listening to what these thugs did to Bobi Wine made me sick and I can’t wait to

The Rwandan opposition needn’t to fight each other but they shouldn’t as well promise to build castles in the air.

By Didas Gasana My attention was drawn to an essay by my good friend Jean Rukika in the Rwandan, in which he made very apt arguments. The London-based Jean Rukika avers rightly that: “Unshaken dictatorship has generated fear, distrust, panic,

Abraham Mutai is feted by Rwandans who are against the dictator Paul KAGAME who kills, embeds, kidnaps, torture … his own people

KENYA: LETTER TO Mr ABRAHAM MUTAI (Twitter: @ItsMutai). Dear Abraham Mutai, I miss the words to express my gratitude for your support voice to us Rwandans. I do not stop shedding tears when I read and re-read your tweets supporting


Considering the current situation in Rwandan politics, it is clear that the administration of President Paul Kagame has reached an insurmountable impasse. On the one hand, there is a section of “INTORE MILITIA” (a large group of Rwandan youths who

For Rwandans who are always opening their zips, my advice for your safety, keep your zips up or look somewhere else!

By Gakwerere On Sunday, 05/08/18, while passing them, criminal Paul Kagame reminded them that the first line of defence against any enemy is intelligence (ubutatsi). In his speech to his intore militias who had just concluded a five week intensive

Gatera was very brutal to his employees. Now let him feel the same pain he inflicted on his employees in Kagame’s businesses.

By Gakwerere Egide Gatera, I hope your enjoying the slow killing poison courtesy of your boss criminal Paul Kagame. I would like to thank criminal Paul Kagame for slowly but surely continuing to re-pay very well his dogs. As I

Visit Rwanda where Kids are fed like wild animals.

By Bosco Mutarambirwa Rwanda/Video: Kids are fed like wild animals. This is supposed to be a courtyard of some high-end hotel but in this case it is being used as a national park (not a zoo) for human kids. If

Why is Clare Akamanzi hiding the names of who would be her bridegroom?

Rwandans especially those in opposition have been posting on Social media about the on coming introduction ceremony of criminal Paul Kagame’s side dish Clare Akamanzi; the ceremony which will be held on the 23rd/06/2018 in Kigali has been a protected