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For Rwandans who are always opening their zips, my advice for your safety, keep your zips up or look somewhere else!

By Gakwerere On Sunday, 05/08/18, while passing them, criminal Paul Kagame reminded them that the first line of defence against any enemy is intelligence (ubutatsi). In his speech to his intore militias who had just concluded a five week intensive

Gatera was very brutal to his employees. Now let him feel the same pain he inflicted on his employees in Kagame’s businesses.

By Gakwerere Egide Gatera, I hope your enjoying the slow killing poison courtesy of your boss criminal Paul Kagame. I would like to thank criminal Paul Kagame for slowly but surely continuing to re-pay very well his dogs. As I

Kagame Made General Karake Disappear

By David Himbara General Karenzi Karake, former chief of National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), former deputy commander of AU/UN Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID), and former Security and Defence Advisor to President Paul Kagame has disappeared. Prominent people keep

The Rwandan Military has arrested retired Lt Gen Karenzi Karake, a hugely influential and senior citizen who for decades cut a niche as the country’s finest intelligence officer.

The former director general of the National Intelligence and Security Services and a member of the country’s governing party, the Rwandan Patriotic Front, is detained at a ‘safe’ house in the capital Kigali. The Defence Ministry chose not to comment


The RPF is in power and it will always remain in power as long as those who would get rid of it still contain the following frame of mind: 1. To promote Hutu and Tutsi ethnicities in lieu of promoting

569 youths trained by Kagame’s DMI to kill their own compatriots.

Yesterday, criminal Paul Kagame passed 569 youths from his Intore militia group who had completed a short intensive military training. Of the 569 youths, 138 of them came from outside Rwanda, the majority of them being from Uganda. These youths

In Uganda, Mbabazi is still a friend of Museveni despite falling out with him and NRM. That’s is a different story in Rwanda with Kagame!

In political science, the photos below portray political maturity. Political maturity looks at three basic indicators, and these are political attitudes, political reasoning and political deeds/action. Politics shouldn’t separate relationships and friendships. Over a million times, such political photos would

Justice Minister Busingye Lionized Rwanda’s Judicial Independence. Then The Kagame Machine Seized His Brother Karera.

By David Himbara The World Economic Forum (WEF) did it again. It awarded President Paul Kagame an unbelievable ranking. According to the WEF’s 2017/2018 rankings of judicial independence, Rwanda is in the 23rd position out of 137 countries. Rwanda’s judiciary

Some of DMI Operatives Distributing poison to different DMI cells around Kampala for the purpose of killing human beings

By Gakwerere The photo below: When you are a DMI operative in Uganda, poison transporter and trying to fill good over the blood of innocent Ugandans. Rugema Kayumba, thank you for the photo of these young men and women who

Col Dennis Karera’s Kidnapping – dossier of death

By Gakwerere Key elements 1) Criminal Paul Kagame 2) His business partner JamesMusoni 3) Business partner and Brother Johnson Busingye who is Rwanda’s justice minister abd AG. 4) RPF/crystal venture corporation, a business consortium owned by Criminal Paul Kagame 5)