Breaking News: Rwanda Bankrolls New Rebel Recruitments in Uganda.

By Seruga Titus

A new rebel group bankrolled by Rwanda and close to the Kayihura’s establishment is reported to be recruiting in Uganda.

A confidential intelligence report smuggled to my eyes mentions names of those in charge of recruitment and training. However due to the sensitivity of this matter names will for now not be released.

It appears that the rebel group has no intentions of taking power in Uganda but simply wants to create a bargain chip between General M7 and Pilato. This is not the first time a rebel group being funded by Rwanda starts up in Uganda, the two leaders have constantly been in secret talks about the same and Kagame has had the opportunity to play Museveni at every occasion. Let’s wait and see if this time the same M7 will not attack Rwanda if this rebel group attempts to attack areas in Uganda.

The group has been recruiting in Kisoro, Kaberamaido and other areas with Rwandese speaking population.

In a related story, CMI arrested a one Hakim who is Baroza’s closest confidant, Hakim is a notorious guy who was behind the tracking and murder of the Eritrean Businessman Daniel. Hakim has been in constant communications with Baroza hiding in Rwanda and his arrest proved to CMI that indeed Baroza was hiding in Rwanda.

Weeks back, Ugandan Media sponsored by Rwanda released information suggesting that Baroza had requested for Asylum in Europe clearly to divert the attention of investigators in Uganda. Fortunately CMI was not moved having received evidence of his entry into Kigali.

A plan to forcefully evacuate him “commando style” was denied by General Museveni who thinks his presence is enough embarrassment for Rwanda.

Rwanda has six people they would die to protect in Uganda but unfortunately 4 of them have already been arrested. Kayihura, Muhangi, Nickson and Anguma are already arrested while Baroza and the former director of IT are hiding in Rwanda.

Meanwhile Uganda’s security is busy arresting all Rwandese nationals connected to insecurity in Uganda and preparing deportation orders.


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