Breaking News: Bakiga at Katuna boarder are bitter over the arrest on a Ugandan businessman Justus Tweyongyere.

By: Titus Seruga

The businessman banked 170 million shillings in a bank at the boarder with intent to move to Kigali and purchase goods as his usual business, he wasn’t aware that Kigali Police was right outside waiting for him, he was first charged with forgery and immediately taken to prison.

As soon as Bakiga got the sad news they decided to make noise and demonstration at the boarder causing deployment at the Ugandan side to return the situation to normal.

Rwanda has now turned around claiming this money was for Gen. Kayumba that it’s meant to organise crime in Rwanda, after failing to show forgery.

This follows a court Martial ruling last week that saw the refusal of bail to suspects involved in kidnap of Rwandese Refugees. Rwanda seems to be on a mission to push Uganda on the wall, this not being the first time a Ugandan Citizen is Arrested and delivered to Kigali for prosecution on fake charges.