Ben Rutabana: “On the Contrary, Kagame is the terrorist here, we ran from Rwanda and he keeps killing us in other countries, he has killed our relative all over Europe, Kenya and in Uganda.”

Exclusive Interview with Ben Rutabana

Ben Rutabana – is a former Rwandan musician turned businessman based in Europe.

The informant has had an exclusive Interview with Ben Rutabana to react to statements that appeared in Rwandan press that he visited Uganda lately and was provided VVIP protection.

The humble soft spoken artist didn’t deny his visit to Uganda, he says “my visit was purely business, I made no political approaches and didn’t meet any political or military figures as Rwandan media reports.”

“On the Issue of VVIP treatment and protection, oh no they taking this to another level, I didn’t meet any intelligence officer, I don’t know Kaka or Kandiho of ISO and CMI respectively, I organised for my own light security and only visited friends after my business.” “Kagame tries very much to justify his interference in Ugandan affairs, he has spies all over in Uganda how then did he notice my passport and presence in Uganda, this is proof he made attempts on me but because I had security it became difficult for his boys to take me out in Kampala.” Narrates Ben.

Of course I need security traveling to Uganda, I am a brother in law to Diana Rwigara’s father, Her mother is my sister and Kagame finds all relatives to her a threat National security, there are cases of European of Rwandan origin being kidnaped in Kampala and killed as they are taken to Kigali, I can’t take the risk. “I can’t just travel to any African country without security, I don’t advise to you Titus to try the same” Say Ben Rutabana.

“Kagame calls me a terrorist but I have never killed or attempted to kill anyone not even an insect, I only belong to a family that he has persecuted, does that make me a terrorist?”

“Kagame can not be president of Uganda and Rwanda, I am a French Citizen visiting Uganda because I want to invest in Uganda not Rwanda because I can not be guaranteed that Kagame will not kill me like he has done to my family members.” “I find Uganda the closest to home, so when someone invites me for business and they can guarantee my security I will travel and do business.

Asked when Ben Last stepped foot in Rwanda.

Ben says 15 years ago, he left Rwanda as a musician, “my music had a message that was not appealing to Mr Kagame, I thought by moving out this would give me the freedom to sing without any fear for my life, unfortunately even in Europe my family was threatened, I decided to give music a break and joined business.” “I can assure you I have no criminal record anywhere in the world, I don’t even have a parking ticket not paid” why then would Kagame’s boys call me a terrorist.

“On the Contrary, Kagame is the terrorist here, we ran from Rwanda and he keeps killing us in other countries, he has killed our relative all over Europe, Kenya and in Uganda.” “He is the definition of terrorist, why kill innocent people that have run away from your country?” Says Ben.

Do you have anything to say to Ugandans of Rwandan origin?

Oh yes, they have to be strong, I know life is not easy for them, they are being targeted by the Kagame regime as terrorists, running away from Rwanda shouldn’t be a crime, those who stay are being persecuted, relatives are taken to prison without a fair legal system what is the reason for all this? greed for power.

Would you want to return to Uganda?

“Yes I would love to, Ugandans are welcoming, my worry is that Kagame doesn’t want visitors in Uganda. My visits hurt him” says Ben as he smiles.

Did you know Kirumira?

Oh yes, he was a brave man to stand up against General Kayihura who is believed to have participated in the killings of our brothers here. Clearly Kigali took him out and to us people of Rwandese origin Kirumira was our hero. Kn behalf of the Rwandese refugee community in Uganda would like to reach out to the family with 2 million Uganda shillings contribution to assist with children fees. God rest his soul.

Thank you Ben For your time.

Ben was reacting to this article :


Where Credibility Matters

By Seruga Titus