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By Charles Kambanda

Contrary to Kagame junta’s systematic propaganda against Judge Theodor Meron, President of the United Nations Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunal(s) ( UNMICT), the UN Secretary General has renewed Judge Theodor Neron’s contract for anothe 6 months. Judge Carmel Agius will then takeover as President of UNMICT.

This is a blow to Kagame’s international hooliganism. Kagame’s junta and lobbyists were up-in-arms to make sure Judge Theodor Meron’s contracts is not renewed.

I am uncomfortable with the ICTR’s refusual to prosecute Kagame and his RPA/F goons, for their role in the 1994 massacres. The ICTR investigated Kagame’s portion of the 1994 massacres and found sufficient evidence to prosecute Kagame and his goons for the 1994 massacres, which Kagame conviniently markets as ” Tutsi genocide”. Then ICTR prosecutor sought indictments for Kagame and his goons. However, President Bush forced the ICTR to back-off because Kagame was US ally.

When will Kagame and his goons be prosecuted for the 1994 massacres? Well, well, I hope the UNMICT will look iinto this critical issue. Meanwhile, Congrats Justice Theodor Meron.

To hell with Kagame junta’s insane propaganda: Don’t renew judge Meron’s contract, survivors tell UN via @NewTimesRwanda

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