Always be critical observers in such highly profile murders like the Rwandan model Alexia Uwase Mupende

OBVIOUSLY AS USUAL GULLIBLES WILL BELIEVE THE LIES BEING CONCOCTED BY THE JUNTA POLICE. According to the junta police, the Rwandan model Alexia Uwase Mupende was stabbed to death and head cut off by her house boy – Niyireba Antoine who is 22 years old.

Why did her house boy kill her? Was it a sex passion – jealous killing by her house, a 22 years Niyireba Antoine? Did the house boy want to steal some thing in the room, that there was a fight between the two? What was the motive(s) which led to a 22 year old man knife then cut off the head of her boss? Or the 22 years old boy boy was merely passion for blood!

But according to all accounts, Alexia Uwase Mupende and her house boy Niyireba Antoine were in good terms. And Niyireba Antoine was like a child in the house.

One thing that is crucial, it is not everyone or anyone who can wake up and go to stab someone then chop/cut off the head. Remember, the alleged killer is 22years, born in criminal Paul Kagame’s error, I hope the INTERAHAMWE metaphor won’t be angled by the junta Police while trying to flame – fabricate in a cover up.

It is usually trained people who have the expertise to chop off/cut off heads and in criminal Paul Kagame’s DMI franchise, they are in thousands. I totally don’t think, the 22 years house boy would calmly hold his boss – Alexia Uwase Mupende and chop off/ cut off the head, this needs a serious trained serial assassin.

There is a bigger link between the assassin and the victim, the house boy is merely a victim in assassination games that engulfs the terrorist run enclave. The killing has a bigger hidden motives than a mere 22 years house boy being chested as the killer.

Remember, in 2013, as Gérard Karangwa Semushi returned to register an opposition political party – PDP-Imanzi, his young niece was knifed and her head chopped off/cut off in Kivugiza, like on Alexia Uwase Mupende’s case, a house boy was arrested. Since this incidence, a traumatised Gérard Karangwa Semushi stopped opposing the junta regime to the extent some people think his no longer a live due to his quietness.

Dear oppressed and enslaved Rwandans, always be critical observers in such highly profile murders.

My condolences to Mzee Mupende’s family.

Rpf Gakwerere