All of you should wear made in Rwanda while Paul & Jeannette Kagame are wearing made in USA

By Rpf Gakwerere

Fresh from a useless two weeks tour around the world, tours that the Country gained totally nothing, but his Crystal Venture consortium went to the banks laughing because the state hires the Gulfstream G650 from the company. Kagame the ruler hiring from Kagame the business man, as usual no one has ever asked about the conflict of interests between the two entities, with Rwandan Members of Parliament always applauding a criminal and a corrupt character as a hero.

With his sarcasm, Criminal Paul Kagame noted to oppressed Rwandans that: “We Rwandans have to promote made in Rwanda. We shall increase taxes to new clothes, shoes from abroad and also ban second hand clothes and shoes from ever entering Rwanda. We all have to wear made in Rwanda. I am happy that we have made progress on this front.”

While the criminal ruler is forcing Rwandans to wear substandard stone age clothes and shoes made by his owned factories in Rwanda. The selfish gizzer is wearing on daily basis American brands. Just this weekend, he looked like a Yankee, wearing converse label cap, the interesting part is that converse labels are more of teenagers/youngsters outfit, especially shoes and champion label jumper which is also an American brand.

All of you should wear made in Rwanda while he’s wearing made in USA 🙊🙈😅😅😅!!

When will the criminal ruler start wearing clothes from his own factories in Rwanda? Those clothes factories are his own personal wealth, why not set an example rather than punishing the small citizens by suspending all second hands clothes to be imported in Rwanda, while at the same time increasing taxes to brand new imported clothes and shoes.

When the Kim dynasty, sometimes known as the Mount Paektu Bloodline stopped Western or foreign clothes and shoes from being imported to North Korea, the family set an example of wearing only made in North Korea clothes and shoes.

But in our case, our dude is merely a fake gizzer who wants his factories to make money from oppressed Rwandans, it is not a thoughtful/good intention and a well designed policy because thousands of importers and sellers of second hand clothes and shoes are now jobless, others preferring to relocate to neighbouring countries for survival.

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